The company

RPE Srl is a worldwide reference in the solenoid valve industry, thanks in great part to our technology and the continuous improvement of our products and the development of food and electrical certifications.

Our story

Founded in 1972 at the hand and vision of our President Mr. Giuliano Ravazzani, who early on began building electronic locks and thereafter with the development of solenoid valves, creating the foundation of a successful and quality driven company.

RPE currently designs and manufactures every component that goes inside of our solenoids and valves. RPE products are distributed not only in Italy but around the world, with over 40 years of outstanding growth and recognition.


Quality at RPE is always at the forefront: RPE is ISO 9001:2015 certified


RPE products are 100% made in Italy.


Each product line is subject to food and electrical quality certifications. Such as: NSF, UL, EN60335, WRAS, ACS, NSF, KTW


All of our valves, solenoids and every component is designed and manufactured in the modern facilities located in Carbonate (CO), Italy.


Projects Completed




Production Lines




The Ravazzani Family

We provide a constant effort to the Research & Development of new products and the continuous innovation and design of fresh and original solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

We at RPE have been distinguished by the emphasis in the customization of our products, creating high quality references with an exceptional added value and recognized by our customers.

Our team of experienced engineers is always at hand to provide design options for our solenoid valves or any of our other products, providing a tailor-made services to our clients..

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