TD DISPENSER, a solution to produce less plastic

100 billion plastic bags are produced a year in Europe alone, many of wich end up in our oceans and water ways.Another huge problem are plastic bottles, 67 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the trash every day.The convenience and benefit of water dispensers is a great solution to help us reduce plastic pollution, RPE is contributing to the reduction of these materials by designing and developing high quality solenoid valves for beverage and water dispenser. WORKING SPECIFICATIONS- Direct acting- Working pressure: UP TO 16 bar - 261 psi- Fluid temperature: Tm 75°C- ED 100% PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS- Valve body: PA 66 30% FG- Core: Stainless Steel AISI 431- Spring: Stainless Steel AISI 316- Gasket: EPDM - FKM CONNECTIONS- Push fit Jonh Guest- Pilot assembly: Byonet- Electric connections: Fast on 6,3X0,8 For more info click here.


The RD VENT is a Solenoid Valve designed to dispense hot or cold water and other beverages at low pressure, distributing directly from a tank or a boiler on the dispenser machine.The RD Vent Valve is available with or without a vent tube, which allows the valve to have a fixed or adjustable flow.The Vent tube also allows the valve to drain completely when it is shut off. APPLICATIONS- Hot & cold drink dispenser- Load and unload of tanks- Boiler draining - Vending machines- Wherever they are needed large flow of water at very low pressure FEATURES- Fixed or adjustable flow- With/without Vent Tube- CE Cert.  For more info click here.

Led 100 in the fight against legionella

Legionella and other bacteria can be present in water and can be a cause of dangerous diseases.The combination of stagnant water and temperatures than range between 25° and 50° (77° to 122° F) can be a breathing ground for the growth of this bacteria.The risk is more prevalent in unused water lines, such as in holidays homes, rental houses, schools and other commercial buildings during vacation periods. One pratical way to make drinking water safe from germs and disease development, is to keep it moving inside the pipes.A great solution is our Led 100 Controller, that avoids water stagnation (keeping it in motion) and therefore the development of dangerous bacteria such as legionella. For more info click here.

The new R178

RPE is pleased to introduce the new R178 solenoid valve. A new model of the R Series range that allows to have two valves in series at 90° and 180°. Click here to find out all the technical details.

Discover the R Series of RPE - R Series Componible

The R Series is the strong point of RPE.R Series Componible is ideal for the application on bath, showers, spa, wellness areas and is equipped with multiple IN and OUT.To know all the technical details visit the dedicated product page. 

RPE welcomes the new valve assemly station

RPE doesn't stop and welcomes the new Valve assembly Station. 

RPE on Horeca International

A new article about RPE on Horeca International.

RPE gets the ENEC Certification for the Series TV

ENEC is the high quality European Mark for electrical products. 

Discover the R Series of RPE - R Series Mini

The R Series is a complete range of Solenoid Valves, Flow Meters, Pressure Restrictors and filters; able to meet different needs and find application in several fields.The R Series Mini is suitable for any type of application where you need a water control, perfect solution in automatic faucet. To know all the technical details visit the dedicated product page:- R Series Mini: R Series Mini G:  The R Series is a complete range of solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure reducers and filters, able to meet different needs and find application in several fields.The R Mini Series is suitable for any type of application where you need a water control, perfect solution in automatic taps.

Discover the R Series of RPE - R Dispenser 2 IN 1 OUT, 3 IN 1 OUT

The R Series Dispenser is the perfect solution for the application in the beverage market. Ideal for dispenser of natural or sparkling water, hot drinks and fruit juices. Characteristics:- Made out of First choice raw material - Able to handle water of varying degrees of quality -Able to cope with both high and low temperatures -Meet the required corrosion resistance -Are precise, accurate and repeatable -Are reliable and have a long service life To know all the technical details visit the dedicated product page:R Dispenser 2 IN 1 OUT: Dispenser 3 IN 1 OUT:

Discover the R Series of RPE - Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple

The R Series is the strong point of RPE, the Series is suitable for several applications thanks to the wide range of voltages, electrical connections and modularity.R Series Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple, suitable for any type of automatic water control applications: Coffee and Tea Machines, Food Equipment, Ice & Vending Machines, Household Appliances, Hot Tubs, Water Dispensers, Marine Applications... To know all the technical details visit the dedicated product page:- R Series Single: R Series Double: R Series Triple: R Series Quadruple: 

RPE Press Review

An interesting article about RPE Srl and its Led 100 on "La Prealpina".

Filter/check cartridge PPSU

RPE Filter/Check PPSU cartridge, ideal for fluid control at high temperatures.Solution for Coffee Machines, Water Dispenser, Medical Equipment. Characteristics:- Compact- Suitable for food- Suitable for use at high temperatures To know all the technical details visti the dedicated product page:  

RPE SRL - Fifth Series Valve

2-Way Solenoid Valve developed for medical, Laboratory & Dental Equipment. 

800D Drain/Dump Valve

Designed for Professional Cleaning & Floor Scrubber equipment, Ice machines, Tank/Boiler draining systems and Beverage equipment applications. 

RPE Press Review

An interesting article about RPE Srl on Horeca Int.

R2 3/2 way Solenoid Valve

RPE R2 Solenoid Valve, an economical solution for a medium separation exchange valve. 

THIRD SERIES Performance Valves, built for tough Industrial and Irrigation applications

Third Series Valves are Best-in-class valves for the water management and irrigation system. hashtag Management and hashta

RPE Press Review

An interesting article about RPE Srl on Rassegna Alimentare.

RPE for Suntago

In this incredible project Mastop Totaal Techniek B.V. is using 800 of the MINI G - 6155 NC 24AC Solenoid Valves from RPE for the irrigation system of Suntago, the largest indoor water park in Europe. Watch the presentation to learn more about the project.

Solenoid Valves 800 Series

RPE 800 Solenoid Valves, the ideal solution for professional cleaning machines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     hamachines.

RPE Srl, ISO 9001:2015

RPE Srl is proud to be certified ISO 9001:2015 since 1998, an internationally recognized standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective Quality Management System.Watch the presentation to learn more. 

Universal Series, Have it your own way!

Some of the main limitations of increasing the number of components or changing the geometry in a multi-element system are the cost of several individual parts, additional fittings, tubing and unnecessary points of leakage. RPE Srl is able to provide an easy solution to all these concerns with one product: R Universal Series. Watch the presentation to learn more.

Life is better and safe with clean hands

Life is better and safe with clean hands!RPE Srl is a leader in fluid management control... including the, now necessary, action of washing our hands. To learn more about this topic and the controbution of RPE, please click here and read the article on the subject. 

Discover the new R4

Discover the new R4 Solenoidvalves for professional Coffe machines. hashtagWatch the introduction to find out more. 

Discover the Steam Valve Series

A clever solution to solve the particle and sticky troubles in the fluid and steam management application.The Steam Series 2/2 way solenoid valves with medium separation and self-cleaning system is designed for foam applications and for polluted and/or viscous fluids: materials and constructional design are particularly suited for food applications and medical devices. Watch the introduction to discover more about the Steam Valve Series.

Regulation MOCA

RPE is fully compliant to the European Regulation and National law  for all its products materials in contact with food:• Stainless Steel • Plastics • Rubbers To learn more about the MOCA Regulation, please consult the introduction.

A glass of fizzy mineral water please!

RPE international Business Manager Europe presents the new TD Dispenser of RPE.Read the article to find out more.

Discover the new RPSchool Catalogue

RPSchool is innovation, development and passion.Find out more about the new RPE business project in the dedicated catalogue!


The new catalogue "MEDICAL EQUIPMENT" is ready for Expodental 2020 (12/14 March-Madrid)

RPE is proud to announce to have achieved WRAS Approval

WRAS Approval for: Rseries - Mini - Dispenser - Dual - Universal - Modular - FlowMeters

RPE certified quality solenoid valves

 RPE has always been characterized by a strong openness to Research and Development, towards which it allocates a significant share of its resources and the continuous updating in certifications, a strength and real  value.  

Save the date: 13th November 2019 - PMI DAY

PMI DAY is an annual Job Fair that brings together Small & Medium companies with Graduates and Students, organized by the Milan Polytechnic. RPE will be participating  at PMI DAY, having the opportunity to meet face-to-face new graduates. It will be a busy day at the Campus Bovisa, where top managers from RPE will explain and illustrate the different professional growth opportunities and job projects our company can offer. It will be an excellent venue to start a dialogue between job seekers and job offers. We wish everyone participating a great PMI DAY. 

The Countdown for Host 2019 has begun

 RPE is preparing new products Come and Visit Us !Pad. 18 stand G89    

ISH 2019: record attendance

ISH 2019: international visitors recorded an attendance record level ISH, the world's leading trade show for HVAC & Water, came up once again with an impressive demonstration of its importance both for the German and  International markets. The show attracted visitors and exhibitors to Frankfurt to discover the latest news and trends with approximately 190,000 visitors from 161 countries. During these five days, 2,532 exhibitors (868 from Germany and 1,664 from abroad) from 57 different countries introduced new products and innovations.It is important to point out that the 2019 edition of ISH continued with a high level of international exposure: 66% of exhibitors and almost 48% of visitors were foreign.

ISH 2019

RPE is waiting foro you in ISH 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for the combined topic of water and energy: Hall 1.1 - stand H81 - Frankfurt am Main, 11-15 March 2019

ISH 2019

RPE  will be at  ISH 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for the combined topic of water and energy.  Visit us: Hall 1.1 - stand H81 - Frankfurt am Main, 11-15 March 2019


Download Horeca International magazine on page 174/177 talk about RPE. 

RPE arrives in Japan

 Talk about us: la Provincia di Como (local Newspaper) of December 14, 2018, has published an article on Japan's trip to RPE. Download. 

New production line

RPE continues to move forward, with the recent delivery of new  equipment we have complede a new production line,  that will allow us to increase productivity and improve our service and efficiency to our customers. 

New press campaign

"Anatomy of a perfect mechanism" the new RPE press campaign at Host ADV and extensive editorial plates RPE will be published on the special issue of HA International, which will be distributed at HOST 2017.

PEI & PA/Nylon Cartridge

F31 cartridges are available in PEI and PA / Nylon, they complete the existing range of polycarbonate cartridges. Available with quick coupling connections (8 mm & 10 mn), that depending on the application increases the possibility of installing a single or double check valve(s).  

Certifications from the German TZW

 RPE has obtained the KTW certification accredited by TZW (Technologiezentrum Wasser (German Water Centre). This certification regulates materials and products in contact with drinking water - KTW Guidelines and worksheet W270. This certificates is included for all the following products: R Series - Normally Open / Normally ClosedR Series - LatchingMicro SeriesFiltersPressure RestrictorsFlow Meters  Another oustanding Quality achievement!

Focus 800D Series

Series 800D - Solenoid valve for cleaning machines, ice makers, water dispensers

5a Series

One of the innovations presented by RPE in January 2018 is the 5th Series: a new range of diaphragm valves (EPDM) made of nylon (PA66 30% FV) with a nominal diameter orifice of 17 mm.It is a versatile valve that can be used in many different applications, where bigger flow rates are needed but a compact-size valve is required. Here are the two available INLET and OUTLET options:¾” Male thread BSPP (G) -> ¾” Male thread BSPP (G)¾” Male thread BSPP (G) -> 21.5 mm Hose TailThe 5th Series comes with a wide variety of coils: 24V DC, 12V DC, 24V AC, 12V AC, 110V AC and 230V AC. There is also the possibility to incorporate a check valve in the Inlet and on the Outlet and to include a mounting bracket on the Inlet.

Focus on Coffee

RPE has over 40 years of experience in the development of Solenoid Valves for the coffee industry. We offer a wide range of solutions: TV Series, Check Valve, Steam Series. Download our newsletter dedicated to the coffee industry.

Made in Italy

RPE products are designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in Italy. Our entire production is completely produced in our modern facilities, located in Carbonate, (COMO) Italy. RPE is a totally vertical company, where we design and develop every component, from the reeling of the coils, the injection molding of all our parts, as well as the assembling and packaging.

News in RPE

The AXIAL is a solenoid valve manufactured with techno-polymers, perfectly suitable and certified for contact with drinking water and food.

AXIAL VALVE for Sanitary Applications

AXIAL VALVE for Sanitary ApplicationsPhysical Characteristics: Valve body: PA66 30%GF  Diaphgram: NBR  Core: Stainless steel  Spring: Stainless steel  Assembly: Self tapping screwsWorking Characteristics: Working pressure: 0,5 - 10 bar  Room temperature: max 60 °C  Fluid temperature: max 90 °C  Flow direction: unidirectional  Nominal diameter: 8 mm  Control: Latching / NCElectrical connections: Unipolar cables 150 mm or 200 mm and male or female IP65 connectors Download RPE presentation

Interview with Florinda Ravazzani

ComoNext interviewed Florinda Ravazzani, RPE CEO.

Range of products for sanitary market

Download RPE presentation 

Spartan Race 2019

RPE Team at the Spartan Race (30 March 2019 in Maggiora).Great guys!!

Range of RPE Cartridges: filter/check - adjustable - filter

Download the presentation of the RPE Cartridges

30th March 2019

The RPE team is ready to participate in the “Spartan Race” sporting event, which will take place on March, 30th in Maggiora (Novara, Italy). This is an intense and difficult race on a 6 Km course with over 20 obstacles. The scenery where this competition takes place is breathtaking, taking the athlets throughout natural landscapes in the Novara countryside.Go team go!!

RPE Junior Basket Team

RPE continues to support our youth by sponsoring an Under 14 Basketball Team(Varese, Italy / April 19-22, 2019)

We have updated our Privacy Policy

RPE has updated its Privacy Policy, we invite you to take a look at it .

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