R & D


Since its creation RPE has always displayed great concern in research and development - demonstrated by the implementation of an in-house Engineering team mainly dedicated to the R & D of innovative and efficient solenoid valves, used in various applications for automatic fluid control.  RPE’s success in this field is also the result of its ability in net-working and collaborating with domestic and international customers.

The company invests a significant part of its resources in the investigation and elaboration of new products, which are at the same time unique and highly innovative for todays’ cutting-edge technology in the field of fluid dynamics.

During the last few years RPE has conceived and brought forward into the market innovative solenoid valves. For example; the MICRO Series Valves for sanitary applications and the 3/2 Exchange Solenoid Valves are a clear example of this commitment.

By providing high standard quality certifications our line of products has been extremely successful, and in recognition of the company’s innovative capabilities, RPE has been acknowledged as one of the most reputable and reliable brands worldwide.



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